I work with any metal I can get my hands on!  Some metals can be anodized to change their color, creating a myriad of choices.  I can mix metals or colors within a piece to create a unique look just for you.  If you have a color combination in mind, let me know and I'll see what I can do!
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I have always been attracted to working with my hands.  Growing up in Worthington, Ohio with parents and a younger brother (The Leather Golem & Red Goat Leather), all of whom shared interests in artistic pursuits, where there were always projects being thought up and artistic ideas discussed, it was natural for me to pursue a variety of art and craft interests. 

Although I have tried my hand at woodcarving, leatherwork, beading, sewing, a variety of needle arts, drawing, drafting, and photography, I found my niche working with the clean lines and consistent patterns in weaving Chainmaille (trading in the blockiness of Legos for the round shapes of the rings). 

I fell in love with the look and feel of the metal rings when I was thirteen, while I was participating at my cousin’s wedding done in medieval style at an SCA event.  After closely investigating some of the other guests’ armor, I sat down with a few steel rings and played with them until I was able to copy the woven pattern. 

For the past twenty four years I have found enjoyment and relaxation playing with a plethora of patterns and materials from which to make a variety of chainmaille objects.  I have always carried my pliers and rings with me during vacations, free time at home, college, and now a basement workshop dedicated to the shiny, colorful rings and chainmaille tools.  

I am always working on one project or another whenever I have a spare moment.  I hope that my customers get as much enjoyment from wearing my creations as I have had designing and crafting them.

I attend a few art fairs each summer, but my pieces are always available at my Square Market shop.  Although I am constantly creating new patterns on my own, I really enjoy making custom pieces for people, as it lets me stretch my imagination and skills, so if you have something in mind, please contact me.

(My helpers while I am working include our eight cats, two sugar gliders, and our fish.  Thanks to Adam, Jeff, Jess, Kathy, Mom, and Dad their encouragement and helping schlep all my fair stuff and helping setting everything up at arts festivals and Dublin Irish Festival!)